Чиста цев Ниобијума
Чиста цев Ниобијума
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Чиста цев Ниобијума

The standard for niobium tube is ASTM B394 R04210 for commercial grade and ASTM B394 R04200 for reactor grade niobium tubing.

CXMET specializes in supplying seamless & nbsp;niobium & nbsp;tube with a variety of dimensions. & nbsp;

Пречници 0 010010 нбсп; пречници од 0. 5 мм до 114 мм и дебљине зидова од 0. 1 мм до 12.7 мм. 0 010010 нбсп;

Tubing can be further processed to produce rings, washers, sleeves and sheaths. Custom sizes are also available. & nbsp;

Tubes can also be produced from & nbsp;custom alloys & nbsp;for commercial and research applications and for new proprietary technologies. & nbsp;

Other available shapes include bar or plate, as well as custom machined shapes. Such as & nbsp;Niobium & nbsp;rod, & nbsp;Niobium & nbsp;pellets, & nbsp;Niobium & nbsp; & nbsp;pieces, & nbsp;Niobium & nbsp;granules, & nbsp;Niobium & nbsp;ingot, & nbsp;Niobium & nbsp;wire, Pure Niobium Tube,etc.

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